What is NetLocker?

Great strides have been made in the digitalisation of inbound company mail in recent years. But there is still a significant amount that has to be delivered manually: registered mail, document originals, certificates, catalogues, consignments of goods, etc. And with large organisations with thousands of staff, this can add up to several hundred mailings a day.

NetLocker supports mail room staff to deliver these items in a safe, flexible and traceable way.

Main Benefits

  • Mail drop system, in order to separate the steps of delivering and receiving the mail from each other
  • Decentralised, in order to address the move towards Open Space or Hot Desk offices
  • Electronic, in order to control access and to facilitate traceable deliveries
  • Dynamic, in order to determine the required number of mailboxes statistically rather than nominally and to be able to handle different sized mail items
  • Open architecture, which allows deployment in house (on-premises), in the Cloud or a combination of both. No software is installed on the company’s PCs
  • Flexible, through the mapping of teams, substitutes, Wizard functions, absences, forwarding routines, returns, re-routing, …

Core Processes

Prozessablauf der Postregistrierung
Inbound mail

As far as possible, inbound mail is digitalised. The rest is handled by NetLocker.

Each item of mail is recorded

Recipient, size, weight and a photo are recorded, using sensors if desired. The mail item is given a tracking ID.

Unique tracking ID

After all data has been recorded, a sticker is printed for each mail item with the tracking ID and the name of the destination mailbox system.

Preparation for delivery

The mail is sorted according to the destination mailbox system and is ready to be taken out for delivery.

Prozessablauf der Zustellung
Scanning and delivery of the mail items

After the delivery person registers with their company ID card, each mail item is scanned individually using a robust and powerful scanner.

Opening the assigned destination mailbox

The assigned mailbox opens, the delivery person places the mail item in the box and closes it again. This eliminates the possibility of mail being delivered to the wrong person.

Prozessablauf von Ruecklaeufer

The delivery person authenticates themselves using their company ID card.

Boxes containing uncollected mail open

The delivery person removes the uncollected mail items and brings them back to the mail room, where they are handled using the NetLocker process for uncollected mail.

Prozessablauf der Abholung
You have mail!

Recipients are informed by e-mail or by SMS that they have mail and where they can pick it up.

Authentication through company ID card

All mailboxes that contain mail for the corresponding user open immediately.

Removal of the mail

Delivery is now complete. The timestamp and the user are logged. Recording the user is relevant in the case that mail is being collected by a designated deputy.

The Equipment

Adaptable, attractive and easy to use. Our equipment ticks all the boxes.

Schranksystem von NetLocker
Modular and expandable

The Cabinet System

Every customers’ needs are different. How many boxes are needed? What size should they be? The equipment should complement the existing interior design as much as possible. The right colours and materials have to be selected. We have developed a standard system, which, through its modularity, covers a broad scope of applications. Beyond that, there are (almost) no limits.

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Robust and powerful

The Technical Unit

The cabinet gets the intelligence it needs through the cabinet controller (NDC – NetLocker Device Controller). It communicates with the server system, it drives the RFID and barcode readers and it controls the electronic locks. A touchscreen is available as an option, in order to facilitate further interactive applications.

The RFID reader can read all commonly-used cards. In the case of MIFARE and LEGIC chips, customer segments can also be read.

Der Schrankcontroller (NDC – NetLocker Device Controller) von NetLocker

The Software

NetLocker consists of several software components, which, by working together and by using Web technologies, demonstrate their capabilities

Screen der Postzuweisungen
The central unit

NetLocker Server

This is where it all happens. Mail is registered here, the cabinets are configured and monitored, and user roles are defined and administered. Through a Self Service Portal, every member of staff can define their own delivery rules by recording substitutes, forwarding routines and absences. Web-based. Of course.

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Project plan

Every project is different. Use our experience and let us know what your requirements are, on a no-obligation basis.

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Initial discussion / Needs analysis

We will discuss quantity structures, registration, the number of cabinets, the number and dimensions of the mailboxes. We will present the standard processes and the options available for integration.

Option: Creation of a Functional specification

With more complex projects and with customised software expansions, we will be happy to talk about the options with you and your IT department, and help you create the Functional specification.

Optional: Test system (hardware and software)

A test system for validating the processes and for acceptance testing can be very helpful, particularly with larger projects. We offer you a demo system for a fixed price. This includes the construction of the demonstration equipment and a recording station on site, a Cloud installation, the creation of test users (normally 20 - 40 persons) and the commissioning of the system. You will either use RFID tags from us or the unique ID from from you company ID cards.

Process definition

The required processes are described and an offer is created.

Contract award

Process implementation kick-off and cabinet production.

Implementation phase

Construction of the cabinet system, installation of the software, training for the mail room staff, on-site support during the initial implementation days, support for staff when collecting their mail.


We will of course support you after the system has gone live. Customised reaction and resolution times are defined through flexible Maintenance contracts.